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What To Do If You Have A Slab Leak?


How do you Stop Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks are one of the most destructive damages to a home that can cause irreversible harm to the home if left to build up. The immediate reaction you should have when discovering a slab leak is calling your local plumber, like those at Molberg Plumbing LLC to get it taken care of. The issue that comes with a slab leak is that homeowners tend to not be capable of making any physical solution, only minimizing it until a professional can take care of it. Measures of that can include:

  • Pay attention to your water usage
  • Shut down any systems that you do not require
  • DO NOT flush your system with cleaning chemicals

A responsible homeowner has no capability in preventing a slab leak occurring to their home. This is because the general cause is often credited to erosion, problematic installation, or weak materials. However, while two of the three causes are possible, shifting earth is the most common culprit that busts a pipe. Especially in the great state of Texas, the soil is not exactly in a state of constant stability. When it comes to your home, you can trust our professionals to get you emergency slab leak repair thanks to our staff in Fort Worth, TX. You need repairs as fast as possible when it comes to a slab leak, urgent repairs and heavy equipment are both what we can bring along with our hard-earned experience. Call (817) 476-9963 today to speak with a representative.

What are the Symptoms of a Slab Leak?

There are several signs a homeowner can catch that will indicate a slab leak is happening under their home. While it does not necessarily have to be a full-on gushing water event, a leak in a pipe can be destructive wherever it happens on the property. To note, most plumbers offer a way to detect pipe leaks and weak spots in the home through tools we implement to scan through the system. However, if you are relying on your own means then some signs you should be on the lookout for include:

  • Irregular water meter
  • Rising water bill
  • Puddling water
  • Warmer or hot floors
  • Running water can be heard

As mentioned, slab leaks do not necessarily mean that there is gushing water somewhere under your home. However, they can get to be that way depending on the damages that occur over time. When a homeowner by some measure suspects they have a leak in their piping, they should not hesitate in using their plumbing company to check their system. Molberg Plumbing LLC is more than capable of finding a slab leak and repairing in a quick manner. We understand the extent that a slab leak can bring to a home, that is why our plumbers are highly trained and ready for your call.

Is a Slab Leak Dangerous?

When left alone to grow and cause more damage, a slab leak or any other leak for that matter has the capability to rise through the flooring. It can flood your home and create extensive damages throughout your property. On occasion, this may also be a sign of inadequate drainage, whether it is due to a leak or a heavy storm. Your foundation can face significant damage if you do not immediately address the leak when it is discovered. In parts of Texas, floods are absolutely possible, Fort Worth, TX has seen its share of heavy rainfall.

The dangers of ignoring a slab leak cannot be understated as they can cripple your home and open you up to possible injury. Particularly because the leak can shift the earth underneath your home and then can cause your home to be on unstable ground. Fortunately, when you discover the leak, you may be covered by homeowner’s insurance. To be doubly sure, check over your insurance policy today to check and see if you are able to better handle a slab leak.

slab leak repair

What damage can a slab leak cause?

Aside from creating unstable ground underneath your home, there are multiple more damages that a slab leak can cause. Due to the leaked water being able to seep through your floor and enter into your home from the underside, you will see related damages like:

  • Flooded carpets
  • Waterlogged boards
  • Devastated furniture
  • Further damage to the foundation
  • The raising of your home or yard

Further than that, a homeowner may have to worry about an eventual sinkhole formation if they make no attempt in fixing the damages caused by a slab leak. That is why when you notice one, you must reach out to your local plumber for them to get the process started and make repairs to your home. Molberg Plumbing LLC is the perfect team you can contact when searching for plumbers in and around Fort Worth, TX. We can get there fast and make repairs to help your home so we can prevent any further damage. Generally, the process takes two days, so call (817) 476-9963 now to get your home the attention it needs.