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What Constitutes A Plumbing Emergency?


Learn More About a Plumbing Emergency

Your plumbing system can encounter several scenarios that can constitute as being an emergency. With a plumbing emergency, you must take steps to reduce damages and reduce plumbing repair costs. If you find yourself in a plumbing emergency, always contact a professional for assistance. Don’t compromise your safety if you are unsure of preliminary steps to take before a maintenance specialist can come out. The team can guide you through a few processes if time and safety permit with a professional. Here is some general information regarding a plumbing emergency that may prove useful to you before making that call.

What are the eight main areas of plumbing?

The main areas of plumbing that plumbers may or may not cover are sanitary roofing (aka storm water,) water supply, drainage, gas fitting, irrigation, fire protection, and mechanical services like heating cooling and ventilation.

What is considered a plumbing emergency?

A plumbing emergency will consist of various scenarios with your plumbing that are more severe than normal. Such cases can include damaged pipes, clogged drains, gas leaks and more. A plumbing emergency will commonly involve the risk of water damages or compromising the safety of occupants as seen with gas leaks. There may even be situations where utility costs are being severely affected by heavy water loss.

Do plumbers fix water damage?

When a plumbing emergency is present with water damages involving plumbing fixtures a licensed plumber can help out. An emergency plumber will be able to help with water damages depending on the amount of water present and the amount of time passed with water saturation. It’s important to note that water damages on the property as seen with heavy flooding will require the help of a water restoration company to tackle water removal, property drying, and the restoration of mold and mildew.

Plumbing leak

What is the most common household plumbing problem?

  • Slow Draining Sink

  • Clogged Bath or Shower Drain

  • Clogged Toilet

  • Dripping Faucets

  • Faulty Water Heater

  • Jammed Garbage Disposal

  • Leaky Pipes

  • Low Water Pressure

  • Running Toilet

  • Sewer System Backup

  • Slow Draining Sink

Is a water leak an emergency?

Plumbing leaks can often point to larger problems with pipes and can be hard o determine since they remain out of sight. A plumbing emergency with a water leak will depend on the size of the leak which will determine the urgency for quick repairs. If there are water stains on the walls of ceiling this can signify a problem with pipes if they run between walls or across ceilings. Leaks can also occur from changes in water pressure throughout the expanse of the plumbing, limescale in pipes or pipe corrosion.

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage leaking plumbing?

Homeowners’ insurance can help cover damages of plumbing leaks when they are sudden and accidental. Such cases can be with burst pipes or the washing machine supply hose breaking suddenly. If poor maintenance is the cause homeowners’ insurance won’t cover the damages.

How do you know if a pipe burst?

A pipe burst can show several symptoms it’s important to be alert. One such instance can be seen with water pressure that has been going up and down. Another sign can be with water looking off in appearance as corrosion and rust can give off white or brown colors due to bacteria or other particles contaminating the water. An audible sign can be heard with water running, gurgling or bubbling. Noises from pipes such as hissing, grinding, and clanging can also come from tension points when piping problems exist. Another sensory sign can be with smelling rotten eggs, which points to the smell of hydrogen sulfide that comes from leaking sewage lines. A visual cue can be seen with puddles forming near sinks or other areas like above pipe cover plates. Finally, when your water bill is higher than normal, that’s a sign that water is being lost abnormally in damaged piping areas.

Is a clogged drain an emergency?

A plumbing emergency with a clogged drain can occur when circumstances of the clog are severe like when water stops it’s flow completely which can halt activities of the day. Most cases can be fixed with the removal of soap scum and hair buildup as is the case for most plumbing emergencies involved with clogged drains.

How long do emergency plumbers take?

It can take anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours to deal with a plumbing emergency. With pipe replacements and other similar damages, a longer amount of time should be expected in the repair. Keep in mind that a plumbing emergency can have fast response times within 24 hours. As this will differ from regular plumbing services that are scheduled during business hours expect costs to differ with a plumbing emergency due to this compliance to a faster response time.

How much do emergency plumbers cost?

As plumbing emergency service will have 24/7 response times they will cost more than with those done during regular business hours, Some may even double their fee. In general, a plumber may charge fees from around $40-$150 per hour. Typically a plumbing emergency can cost around $100-$500 or more.

Contact Your Local Plumber For Assistance

When you’re finding yourself in a situation where a plumbing emergency is present make sure to rely on the services of a professional plumbing company for your emergency plumbing repair. A qualified professional will be able to properly inspect the relevant areas for any hidden damages and tackle repairs as soon as possible within 24 hours of your call. It’s important to consider that costs will be higher for plumbing emergency services, yet if the safety of occupants and damages to the property are on the line this may actually save you on added costs in addressing these areas. The article sources courtesy of If you need the advice of a plumber on what to do during a plumbing emergency contact your local plumber today.

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